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Mr. Bushler is the CEO of Jakari Care (named after his two kids – Jacob and Ari).

Prior to founding Jakari Care, Mr. Bushler had a successful career as an investor in healthcare and other services businesses. Mr. Bushler’s background includes Stanford Business School (where he received his MBA and was an Arjay Miller Scholar), McKinsey & Company (where he consulted for CEOs of some of the largest U.S. companies) and an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Bushler is a first-generation immigrant from the Ukraine and worked his way up from welfare to living the American dream.

Mr. Bushler started Jakari Care because he believes that we can greatly improve the quality of care for American patients by liberating care providers and staff from the avalanche of paperwork, and by making patient information more easily accessible at the point of care.